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BOSS PUZZLE Solution 8

THIS WAS THE FIRST BOSS PUZZLE THIS YEAR WITH A BOSS RATING OF 4. Maybe you found it easier than Harry, and if so, hat tip to you! Either way, we hope you enjoyed it! In the completed puzzle the numbers 0 through 9 appear in each of the top six rows of the grid so that they give the column sums at the bottom and no number appears in twice in adjacent cells, including diagonal adjacency.

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BOSS PUZZLE CHALLENGE 8 – open until Sunday 13th Dec 9am

ANOTHER GREAT GRID PUZZLE FROM OUR GUEST PUZZLEMASTER THE LETTER WRIGGLER, whose identity, like those of all our officers and agents, is a closely guarded secret. TLW first became interested in ciphers after reading Simon Singh’s The Code Book in 1998. He found the now NCC web page way back in the early 2000’s and has enjoyed every years session since, but until 2019 he remained a ‘lurker’ never registering (because it was for schools only and did not think […]

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