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Current Case Files

Boss training staff will occasionally post supplementary material here to help you solve the case. You should use it alongside any data or clues you find in the official texts published on the Challenge pages.

Lincoln police report on a touring party.
The Boston and Spalding Free Press report on a visit by German cycling enthusiasts.
The Nazi instructions to cycling enthusiasts.
Map of Caister St Edmunds
A spyclist party were seen in the vicinity of Caister St Edmunds

Agent Madness has drafted a guide to breaking the Vigenere cipher which you may find very helpful with Mission Briefing 6A. We strongly recommend that you take a look unless you already know how to tackle these. Don’t forget that Mission Briefing 5A also told you the key length for this cipher, which should greatly simplify things.

On Wheatstone’s invention
TECHNICAL REPORT 1937-213 – The preliminary report on the spyclist cipher clock
The crib retrieved by Harry’s team of lamplighters at Tirpitzufer