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BOSS PUZZLE CHALLENGE 3 – open until Sunday 8th Nov 9am

It’s Madness I tell you!

Our third puzzle is from one of our forum regulars, Madness, and will be a familiar format, though Madness tells us it is the first Sudoku they have designed.

pronouns: mad, mad, mad’s

Very little is known about “madness”, but rumours abound.
Mad is thought to have worked in the cipher bureau of
the KGB until 1989, but lost everything in order to
escape the Soviet Union in a daring maneuver. A month later,
the wall fell. Quite disappointing, especially for mad’s
pocketbook. Now, we suspect, mad is hiding from FSB and
former Stasi agents in Scandinavia, Canada or the US. The
last person who claimed to have had direct contact with
madness disappeared in Oslo and has not been seen since.
We advise you not to try to find mad without state-level
support or some high-quality vegan cake.

You know what to do!